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The average policyholder often loses money when selling their life insurance policy. Often marketers keep the process complicated while they negotiate the best price on behalf of the buyer, leaving you, the seller, with no one to advocate on your behalf. This is wrong, and you deserve better.

Selling your life insurance policy shouldn’t be complicated. I understand how frustrating it can be to navigate a system that does not have your best interest in mind. That is why I cut through all the industry jargon and provide meaningful, independent consulting services that place more money in your pocket without raising your cost.

Put the negotiating power back on your side of the table today by requesting a free policy evaluation, and download my free guide The Insiders Guide to Selling Your Life Insurance Policy so you can move forward with confidence knowing you are getting the best deal possible.

Case Study #1

Alternative to Policy Lapse

An 85-year-old female widower had a $1M universal life policy she no longer wished to fund.  With little cash value the policy would need additional premium and there were no other alternatives for the policy.

Outcome: A life settlement netted the widower just over $200,000. Since there was minimal cash value in the policy, and the cost basis was higher than the cash received, the entire amount was received income tax-free.

Case Study #2

Business Policy

A small business owned a $1M term policy on a former owner since retired. If the policy was kept in force the premium would skyrocket and the business no longer needed the policy.

Outcome: The business received just over $220,000 for the policy which was used to help pay for a building upgrade and to finance a new marketing program.

Case Study #3

Trust-Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) Policy – Policy Death Benefit Split

A trust held a $5M universal life policy on a husband (83) and wife (77) who no longer wished to gift to the trust, there was minimal cash value in the policy, and the beneficiaries did not want to fund the policy.

Outcome: The trustee was able to obtain a net offer of just under $600,000 for the sale of the policy. However, in addition to that offer, the trustee received an offer for the trust to retain $2M of the death benefit, leaving the balance with the outside investor who would fund the entire policy until the death of the insureds. This allowed the trust to continue to be funded with a $2M benefit for the beneficiaries and enabled the grantors to discontinue gifting annually to the trust.

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