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Our Three Signature Services are grounded in a prudent consultative process that puts the needs of the client first, utilizing the same methods developed for trustees nationwide.  

New Policy Purchase: We take the time to understand your needs and personal situation - then provide clear information to inform, not confuse you so a thoughtful decision can be made. We act as your advocate to obtain the correct coverage at the best pricing.

Existing Policy Analysis: A Policy Review of the current policy condition and future funding needs can pinpoint policy performance issues and potentially save thousands in additional costs over the life of the policy. If you are unclear whether your current policy still meets your needs, a more comprehensive Policy Alternative Analysis outlines all options available for the policy, unlocking the greatest value in the policy for you and your beneficiaries.

“Sell Side” Life Settlement Services: Having a life insurance expert on your side to help you make a prudent decision about your policy sale will make you more confident with whatever decision you make because all options will be laid out before you by an expert genuinely working for your best interests.

Are you a trustee, attorney, CPA or family office looking for life insurance consultative services for your firm or clients? Get in touch – we can help.

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