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Why We Should Review Your Life Insurance




Your permanent life insurance policy has non-guaranteed elements that change over the years. Over the last decade or so, the historic low-interest rate environment and market volatility could have negatively affected your policy. If your policy has guarantees, it came with a required premium that if not paid in full and on time could compromise your policy’s integrity. Having a professional check-up for your policy makes sense and ensures that the policy will pay the benefit you and your beneficiaries expect.

Even if your policy is still on track, your personal situation may have changed. You may have bought the policy for estate tax planning and no longer need it. Or your death benefit need may have changed. Life insurance is a versatile financial instrument and can also provide retirement income or long-term care benefits which may now be important to you. It pays to review your life insurance policy to be sure it will help you reach your financial goals.

At Your Life Insurance Solution, we are experts in life insurance policy review. We have helped review tens of thousands of life insurance policies over the last decade for policyholders, institutions, and trustees nationwide and understand the nuances of life insurance policy management. In addition, we have developed a prudent process for maximizing the value of existing and new life insurance that ensures that you and your beneficiaries will receive the most value for your policy.