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Struggling With What To Do With Your Life Insurance Policy?

Frustrated because you do not know your life insurance options?

Thinking of buying life insurance but don’t know where to start?

Have a policy you no longer need? Wondering if you should sell it?

Have a life insurance policy that should be reviewed?

Thinking of surrendering your life insurance policy or allowing it to lapse?

Want to find out how to solve your long-term care issues with life insurance?

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Take part in a discovery process designed to select and secure the right policy based on your needs and goals.

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Together we will navigate the market to ensure that you obtain the most value for your policy.


Receive a clear review outlining the best options for your existing policy. 

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What Peers Say About Michael’s Book

The Wealth Advisors Guide to Life Insurance

“Michael clearly demonstrated his knowledge, expertise and most importantly, his care for an industry in desperate need for authenticity and transparency."

- G. Tate Groome, CFP® CLU® AEP®-
Founder & Managing Partner, LifeTrust3D

“Best overall guide and information I have seen for trustees."

- Ed Linsley -
Former OCC National Trust Examiner and Trust Fiduciary and Executive

“His book takes a complicated subject and makes it incredibly simple to digest.”

- Jonathan Forster -
Partner, BakerHostetler

“Michael's book does a fantastic job explaining what life insurance really is and how it can be useful in many situations.”

- Joshua E. Husbands -
Partner, Holland & Knight

"The best little book on life insurance."

- Ben Baldwin, Jr. -
Director Emeritus at Baldwin Financial Advisors,
Author of The New Life Insurance Investment Advisor

3 Simple Steps 

To Getting The Most Out Of Your Life Insurance Policy

Schedule a
FREE Evaluation

Whether you are looking to secure new coverage, sell a policy you no longer need or want to maximize the value of an existing policy, schedule a call and I will personally analyze your unique situation and provide you clear next steps.

Get Your
Questions Answered

Receive a crystal clear review of your options, along with the best strategies required to maximize the value of your policy. From there, I will guide you through every step of the process and advocate for your best interest.

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Cross it off your list and enjoy peace of mind as you move forward with confidence knowing you are getting the most you possibly can get out of your life insurance policies.

Don’t Leave Money
on The Table

When buying a new life insurance policy or attempting to sell one that is no longer needed, the average policyholder often loses money. One of the primary reasons this happens is because insurance marketers like to keep the process complicated so they can keep more of your money. That is why we cut through all the industry jargon and provide meaningful, independent consulting services that put the negotiating power back on your side of the table.

A Knowledgeable Guide
Can Take You Further

At Your Life Insurance Solution, our priority is bringing clarity to what is too often a confusing and murky process. We believe dealing with life insurance policies shouldn’t be this complicated. We understand how frustrating it can be to navigate a system that does not have your best interest in mind, which is why we have helped thousands of policyholders, trustees, and policy advisors maximize the value of their life insurance policies. Get started by requesting a free policy evaluation, and download our free guide The Insiders Guide to Selling Your Life Insurance Policy so you can stop worrying about leaving money on the table and instead move forward with confidence knowing you got the best deal possible.

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The Insiders Guide to Selling Your Life Insurance Policy